We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  7D Dried Mangorind   Conching Barquiron w Cashew   Phil Supreme Salted Tamarind Candy   Conching Pulvoron w/ Ube & Pinipig   Conching Pulvoron Assorted in Box  
  1582 50/175g   1366 50/40oz   1204 50/6oz   1372 50/5oz   1813 18/17.66oz  
  Conching Polvoron Buco Pandan   Conching Pulvoorn Ube   Conching Pulvoron w Pinipig   Conching Pulvoron Plain   Conching Turones de Casoy  
  1984 50/6oz   1814 50/6oz   1374 24/12oz   1817 50/6oz   1325 50/4.23oz  
  Annie's Hany Milk Chocolate   Antonio Pueo Chocolate Rolls   Krimstix Ube Wafer   Maxx Candy Honeylemon   Maxx Candy Honey Mansi  
  1570 40/8.8oz   1078 12/20g   1863 6/800g   1559 40/50's   1558 40/50's  
  Maxx Candy Eucalyptus   Maxx Candy Dalandan Orange   Rich Garden Langka   Lipps Strawberry Candy   Rich Garden Macapuno Candy  
  1782 48/50's   1556 48/50's   1176 50/70g   1392 60/50's   1187 50/70g  
  Biscocho California Bake Shop   Fibisco Choco Crunchies   MY San Fita Biscuit (Plastic cont)   Flat Tops Chocolate Candy   Jack n Jil Chocolate Pretzels  
  1821 24/90oz   1094 48/7.05oz   1313 8/600g   1583 24/150g   1067 60/2.47oz  
  Krimstix Peanut Butter Wafer   Ricoa Curly Tops   X.O. Coffee Candy   First Love Mango Tams Classic   First Love Mango Pina Rolls  
  1861 6/800g   1167 24/30's/150g   1267 40/175f   1049 36/50g   1063 36/50g  
  First Love Mango Tams Spicy   Whoopy Wafer Stick Cappuccino   Whoopy Wafer Stick Chocolate   Whoopy Wafer Stick Strawberry   Whoopy Wafer Stick Vanilla  
  1152 36/50g   3193 12/200gms   3189 12/200gms   3191 12/750ml   3192 12/750ml