We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Tempura Batter Mix   Ajinomoto Crispy Fry regular   Family Recipies Ginataang Mais   Family Recipies
Ginataang Munggo
  Family Recipes Champorado  
  1237 12/10oz   5006 12/6/65g   1617 24/340g   1618 24/340g   1618(2) 24/340g  
  Knorr Chicken Flavor Sopas   Knorr Chicken &
Mushroom Soup Mix
  Knorr Chicken Noodle Soup   Knorr Hot & Sour
Chicken Soup Mix
  Knorr Hot & Sour Soup  
  1528 2.8oz   1592 6/12/51g   1527 6/12/51g   1525 6/12/51g   1525(2) 6/12/51g  
  Knorr Hot & Sour
Vegetable Soup Mix
  Knorr Chicken & Corn Soup   Knorr Sweet Corn
Vegetable Soup Mix
  Knorr Tamarind
Soup Base
  Lobo Agar Almond Cream Mix  
  1522 6/12/51g   1526 60/2oz   1539 6/12/51g   1102 144/40g   1111 24/4.6oz  
  Luckky Me Beef
Na Beef Mami 
  Lucky Me Chicken Mami   Luckky Me Bulalo
Instant Bowl Noodle
  Luckky Me Supreme
La Pas Batchoy
  Luckky Me Supreme
Sotanghon Chicken Flavor
  1209 72/55g   1689 72/55g   1165 24/75g   1166 24/75g   1975 24/60g  
  Lucky me Canton wIth Calamansi    Lucky Me Pancit Canton 
 Chili Mansi
  Lucky Me Instant
Canton Hot
  Lucky Me Instant Canton   Lucky Me Instant Canton  
  1686 72/2.9oz   1520 24/20oz   1868 72/65g   1247 72/65g   1897 24/80g  
  Mama Sita Breading Mix    Mama  Sita
Caldereta Spicy Mix
  Mama  Sita
Kare Kare Mix
  Mama Sita Stir Fry Mix   Mama Sita Tamarind Mix  
  1936 72/50g   1035 72/57g   1032 72/57g   1210 72/1.4oz   1710 72/50g  
  Mama  Sita's Instant
Muring Bean Soup
  Mama Sita Menudo Afritada Mix   Mama Sita's Sweet 
 & Sour Mix
  Mama Sita's Tocino Mix   Mama Sita Annato Powder  
  1691 72/2oz   1399 72/30g   1264 72/2oz   1030 72/75oz   1506 180/1.3oz  
  Mama Sita Adobo
 Savory Sauce Mix
  Mama Sita BBQ
 Marinade Mix
  Nissin's Yakisoba Chicken   Nissin's Cup Noodles
Sotanghon Chicken
  Nissin's Yakisoba
Savory Beef
  1033 72/50g   1031 72/75g   1124 36/77g   1141 36/50g   1182 36/77g  
  Quick Chow Chicken Mami   Quick Chow Pancit Guisado 65g   Quick Chow Chicken Mami   Quick Chow Chicken Molo   Quick Chow La Paz Batchoy  
  1611 72/55g   1508 72/2.3oz   1611(2) 72/55g   1569 60/50g   1451 60/50g  
  Quick Chow Seafood   Quick Chow Nilagang Baka   White King Champorado Mix box   White King Hot Cake Mix   White King Puto Mix  
  1546 60/50g   1511 60/50g   1045 24/227g   1044 24/400g   1652 24/400g  
  White King Aroz Caldo   White King Bihon Mix   White King Bibingka Mix          
  1250 72/1.4oz   1046 24/17.6oz   1340 48/113g