We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Aling Conching Banana Chips   Aling Conching Crispy Garlic Chips   Aling Conching Panutsa   Aling Conching Water Melon Beeds   Aling Conching Lengua De Dato  
  1647 37/7.76oz   1985 24/4.23oz   1368 35/17.6oz   1646 50/8oz   1801 24/8.12oz  
  Aling Chonching Special Uraro   Aling Conching Salted Tamarind   Conching Squash Seeds   Beer Match Crackling Salt Vinegar   Regent Snacku  
  1305 50/3.5oz   1169 50/6oz   1343 50/4oz   1699 50/2.11oz   1085 50/85g  
  Boy Bawang Adobo Flavor   Boy Bawang Barbeque Flavor   Boy Bawang Garlic Big   Boy Bawang Cornic Hot Garlic   Diamond Barquillos Chocolate can  
  1995 40/100g   1996 40/100g   1632 50/70g   1757 40/100g   1197 12/250g  
  Ding Dong Super Nut Mix   Filipinas Chocolate Wafer Stick   Filipinas Strawberry Wafer Stick   Filipinas Ube Wafer Stick   Golden Fish Cracker  
  1893 16/3.5oz   1277 12/380g   1477 12/380g   1479 12/380g   5039 20/300g  
  Golden Shrimp Cracker   Golden Fish Crackers Hot & Spicy   Jack n Jill Chippy Chili & Cheese   Jack n Jill Chiz Curlz   Jack n Jill Piatos Nacho Pizza  
  5040 20/200g   1376 20/200g   1461 50/40oz   1082 50/60g   1329 50/3oz  
  Jack n Jill Piatos Cheese   Jack n Jill Potato Chips BBQ   Jack n Jill Chippy BBQ   Jack n Jill Rollercoaster
 Cheddar Cheese
  Jack n Jill Sea Crunch Salt & Vinegar  
  1509 50/85g   1100 50/65g   1092 50/120g   1612 50/85g   1580 50/55g  
  Jack n Jill Taquitos BBQ   Jack n Jill V-Cut Cheese   Jack n Jill V-Cut Onion & Garlic   Jefroks Dried Fish   Jack n Jill Nova Crackers Country Cheddar  
  1478 50/100g   1826 50/2.29oz   1825 50/2.29oz   1665 30/5oz   1382 50/275oz  
  Jack n Jill Taquitos BBQ   La Pacita Eggcreacklets   La Pacita Mamon Tostado   La Pacita Mamon Tostado can 8.8oz   La Pacita Broas  
  1478 50/100g   1246 20/220g   1302 50/100g   1307 12/250g   5013 12/320g  
  La Pacita Pasencia Large   La Pacita Prima Toast   La Pacita Puto Seko   Laura's Otap in Can Regular   Daijyobu Strawberry Waferstick  
  1320 28/210g   1303 36/200g   1308 40/200g   1798 12/600g   1979 8/500g  
  Daijyobu Chocolate Waferstick   Leslie Clover Chips BBQ   Leslie Clover Chips Cheese   Leslie Clover Chips
 Ham and Cheese
  Lipps Mango Candy  
  3193 8/500g   1091a 25/155g   1091 25/155g   1084 25/155g   1874 60/4.5g  
  Marco Polo Shrimp Snack BBQ Flavor   Marco Polo Shrimp Snack Cheese Flavor   Marco Polo Shrimp Snack Onion and Garlic   Jack n Jill Rollercoaster
 Cheddar Cheese
  Jack n Jill Sea Crunch Salt & Vinegar  
  1195 24/2.5oz   1194 24/2.5oz   1193 50/120g   1612 50/85g   1580 50/55g  
  Sunflower Crackers Plain Can   Sunflower Strawberry Plastic Ctr   Sunflower Chicken in Plastic Can   Sunflower Mango Crackers Can   Sunflower Cheese in plastic can  
  1089 12/600g   1259 12/800g   1736 12/800g   1113 12/28oz   1643 12/800g  
  Sunflower Cracker Onion & Garlic HP   Sunflower Plain Handypack Crackers   Sunflower Crackers Chicken HP   Sunflower Strawberry Crackers Handypack   Sunflower Mango Crackers Handypack  
  1576 42/7oz   1189 42/7oz   1223 42/6.7oz   1299 42/6.7oz   1190 42/7oz  
  Sunflower Crackers Cheese Flavor   Sunflower Crackers Lemon   Sunflower Crackers Pizza   Sunflower Crackers Butter Handypack   Regent Cheese Rings  
  1745 42/7oz   1234 42/7oz   1055 42/7oz   1971 12/800g   1407 50/2.8oz  
  Yam Yam Strawberry   Yam Yam Chocolate   Yan Yan Vanilla   Maxi Taro Chips Original Flavor   Maxi Taro Chips Hot & Spicy  
  1225 8/10/2oz   1224 8/10/2oz   1393 8/10/2oz   1180 14/3.5oz   1503 14/3.5oz  
  Moonbake Otap Durian   Moonbake Otap Mango   Moonbake Otap Strawberry   Oishi Bread Pan Cheese & Onion   Oishi Pillows Choco Filled Crackers  
  1762 8/500g   1759 8/500g   1783 8/500g   1130 100/.96oz   1774 20/170g  
  Oishi Prawn Crackers Spicy   Pinoy Fiesta Fish Crackers
 Salt & Vinegar Flavor
  Pinoy Fiesta Shrimp Crackers (Kropek)   Pinoy Fiesta Twisted Cr. Pilipit   Lucky Stick Strawberry Cream  
  1688 50/85g   1927 40/100g   1741 40/100g   1384 50/150g   1497 8/10/1.58oz  
  Sky Flakes Hand Pack Onion Flavor   Sky Flakes Handy Pack   Sky Flakes in Can   Sky Flakes Hand Pack Garlic Flavor   Lucky Stick Chocolate Cream  
  1138 20/8/25g   1188 20/8/25g   1226 8/600g   1346 20/8/25g   1491 8/10/1.58oz