We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Sweet Rice - Golden Harvest Brand   Erawan Rice Flour Green   Erawan Rice Flour Red   Excellent Rice Stick bihon   Excellent Rice Stick bihon  
  4003 6/5lbs   4006 24/16oz   4012 24/16oz   1074 50/8oz   1075 25/16oz  
  Excellent Pancit Canton   Hobe Bihon   Lunkow Bean Thread   Lungkow Brean Thread   Pigeon Jasmine Rice 25 pounds  
  1073 30/16oz   1288 48/227g   1294 50/8oz   1295 100/250g   4013 25lbs  
  Poolee Rice Stick Thick - Golden Cock Brand   Super Q Bihon   HOBE Special Bihon   HOBE Special   Super Q Palabok  
  1541 24/21oz   1431 60/8oz   1642 30/16oz   1051 24/454g   1163 24/16oz