We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Mr. Swift Hotdog Regular   Mr. Swift Mini Hotdog   Pampanga Beef Tapa   Pampanga Chicken Sausage   Pampanga Chicken Tocino  
  2024 24/12oz   2131 12/24oz   2012 20/10oz   2006 16/12oz   2011 24/12oz  
  Pampanga Hamonado   Pampanga Pork Tocino   Pampanga Skinless Sausage   Pampangga Prok with Shrimp Shanghai   Pampanga Sweet Sausage  
  2049 20/12oz   2009 20/12oz   2003 24/10oz   2127 12/14oz   2001 24/12oz  
  Pampanga Sweet Sausage Bulk   Pampanga Vigan Longanisa   Pampanga Chicken Shanghai   Pampanga Pork Shanghai   Pampanga Beef Tocino  
  2002 24lbs   2007 16/12oz   2025 12/14oz   2126 12/14oz   2010 24/14oz  
  Pampanga Hot Sausage   Pampanga Hotdog Singles   Mr. Swift Jumbo Hotdog          
  2008 24/14oz   2130 1/10lbs   2043 16/16oz