We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Agar Agar Green   Agar Agar Red   Ajinomoto MSG Bag   Ajinomoto   Alsa Almond Gulaman  
  1183 50/.7oz(2pcs)   1351 50/.7oz(2pcs)   1398 48/16oz   1700 72/100g   1920 24/90g  
  Alsa Green Gulaman   Alsa Red Gulaman   Alsa Unflavored Clear Gulaman   Alum Powder (Tawas)   Alum Stone (Tawas)  
  1933 24/90g   1934 24/90g   1932 2490g   1820 12/20g   1819 12/3.53oz  
  Pinoy Fiesta Whole Black Pepper   Pinoy Fiesta Dried Taro Leaves   Knorr Boullion Cubes Chicken Flavor   Pinoy Fiesta Bay Leaves   Pinoy Fiesta Lye Water  
  1550 100/20g   1441 24/100g   1626 1/24/6pcs   1342 100/cs   1793 24/12oz  
  Pinoy Fiesta Saffron Flower   Pinoy Fiesta Star Anise   ABN Cocked Salted Duck Eggs   Tapioca Pearl Small   Tapioca Pearl Big  
  1615 100/20g   1540 100/20g   1803 24/6pcs   1283 50/80oz   1059 50/80oz  
  My Shaldan Grapefruit   Carica Sambong Tea   Balikbayan Box   Melon Scraper   Carica Ampalaya Tea  
  1572 12/80ml   1775 24/30's/60g   1279 10/bdl   1373 1 dozen   1800 24/30/60g  
  Carica Banaba Tea   Carica Coconut Tea   Carica Mangostean Tea   Carica Herbal Tea Papaya   My Shaldan Gardenia  
  1824 24/2.1oz   1859 24/30/60g   1147 12/30's/g60   1137 24/30's/60g   1681 12/80ml  
  My Shaldan Air Freshner Orange   My Shaldan Air Freshner Lime   My Shaldan Air Freshner Herb   My Shaldan Air Freshner Lemon   My Shaldan Air Freshner Apple  
  1878 12/80ml   1281 12/80ml   1450 12/80ml   1876 12/80ml   1877 12/80ml  
  Frying Pan #4 (Kawali) 12"   Frying Pan #3 (Kawali) 13"   Bamboo Skewer 12"   Walis Tingting Sm.   Walis Tambo  
  1385 12in   1387 13in   1136 100/100pcs   1322 20/bundle   1347 20/bundle