We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Nagaraya Crackers Garlic   Nagaraya Crackers Hot & Spicy   Nagaraya Original Cracker Nuts   Pampangga Salt and Vinegar Chicharon   Pinoy Fiesta Fish Crackers  
  1090 48/160g   1186 48/160g   1198 48/160g   2050 24/3.5oz   1927 40/100g  
  Porkee Chips Regular 12NP Crackling   Porkee Pork Skin Garlic yellow   Porkee Ground Chicharon 50 3.5oz   Porkee Chicharon Garlic Vinegar   Porkee Pork Skin  
  1905 12/8oz   1908 12/3oz   1909 50/3.5oz   1906 12/8oz   1907 12/3oz  
  Orion Cooked Jeprox Fish   Totoy Grin Peas Snack   Porkee Chips Chicharon Salt & Vinegar   Porkee Chips Chicharon   Pampanga Chicharon w/ Meat  
  1980 12/775g   1377 100/70g   1929 12/3oz   1910 36/2.5oz   2035 24/4oz  
  Pampanga Ground Chicharon   Growers Peanut Garlic Flavor   Growers Salted Cashew Nut 100g   Growers Savory Hot Peanuts   Nagaraya Crackers Adobo  
  2037 30/3.5oz   1096 24/100g   1670 24/4.2oz   1306 24/100g   1199 48/160g  
  Nagaraya Crackers BBQ                  
  1420 48/160g