We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Barrio Fiesta Coconut Balls   Barrio Fiesta Kaong Green   Barrio Fiesta Sweet Jackfruit   Barrio Fiesta Halo Halo Mix   Barrio Fiesta Red Mung Beans  
  5022 24/12oz   1564 24/8oz   5004 24/12oz   5026 24/12oz   5038 24/12oz  
  Barrio Fiesta Pandan Gel   Barrio Fiesta Nata de Coco Red   Barrio Fiesta White Beans   Barrio Fiesta
Nata De Coco Green
  Barrio Fiesta
Nata De Coco Red
  5038(2) 24/12oz   1214 24/12oz   5041 24/12oz   1567 24/12oz   1214 21/12oz  
  Kamayan Coconut Gel
Melon Flavor
  Kamayan Kaong Green   Kamayan Kaong White(Big)   Kamayan Macapuno Balls   Kamayan Macapuno String  
  1562 24/12oz   1037 24/12oz   1258 24/12oz   1599 24/12oz   1430 24/12oz  
  Kamayan Nata De Piña   Kamayan Red Kaong   Kamayan Red Mungbeans   Kamayan Sweet Bananas   Kamayan Sweet Chick Peas  
  1257 24/12oz   1286 24/12oz   1805 24/11oz   1003 24/12oz   1293 24/12oz  
  Kamayan Sweet Jackfruit   Kamayan Ube jam   Kamayan Tapioca in Syrup   Kamayan Sugar Palm Fruit Red Big   Kamayan White Beans  
  1852 24/12oz   1129 24/12oz   1333 24/12oz   1515 24/12oz   1228 24/12oz  
  Kamayan Fruit Mix Halo Halo    Kamayan Coconut Gel Red              
  1040 24/12oz   5048 24/12oz