We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  Century Tuna Hot and Spicy   Century Tuna Light Guisado   Cent. Tuna Light Tuna Lechon   Century Tuna Flakes in Oil   Cent. Tuna Light Adobo Style  
  1678 48/180g   1069 48/180g   1482 48/180g   1383 48/180g   1677 48/180g  
  Cent. Light Tuna Afritada Style   Century Tuna Bicol Express   Cent. Tuna Flakes w/Calamansi   Mabuti Portuguese Sardines   1CC Bamboo Shoot Strips  
  1679 48/180g   1178 48/180g   1362 48/180g   1181 100/2.63oz   1099 24/10.5oz  
  Temple Black Beans    Victoria's Bangus Spanish Style   Victoria Sp Sardines in Oil Hot   Senorita Dried Peas   Martin Purefoods Corned Beef  
  1421 100/180g   1409 48/7oz   1353 100/155g   1349 100/155g   1994 24/12oz  
  Martin Purefoods Luncheon Meat    Martin Purefoods Corned Beef w/ Onions   Holland View Evaporated Milk   Holland View Condensed Milk   Kraft Cheddar Cheese Spread  
  1442 24/12oz   1998 24/12oz   1311 24/12oz   1485 24/14oz   1807 24/12oz  
  Caravelle Jelly "A" Green    Caravelle Jelly "A" Black   Ma Ling Luncheon
Meat Premium
  Ma Ling
Luncheon Meat
  Nuri Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil  
  1916 24/19oz   1930 24/20oz   1623 24/12oz   1622 24/12oz   1321 24/12oz  
  Ligo Sardines Hot Red    Ligo Sardines Green 155g   Moondish Bicol Express In CC Vegetable   Moondish Laing Traditional   Oriental Mascot Sliced Bamboo Shoot  
  1886 48/15oz   1145 100/5oz   1925 48/155g   1614 100/155g   1270 24/12oz  
  Young Baby Corn Large   Nestle Cream   Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut   Chaukoh Coconut Milk   Chaokoh Banana Blossom
In Brine
  1344 24/15oz   1396 24/8oz   1621 24/15oz   1107 24/13oz   1275 24/18oz  
  Chaokoh Jack Fruit in Syrup   Chaokoh Young Green Jackfruit   OX & Palm Corned Beef   OX & Palm Corned Beef 
with Juices
  OX & Palm Corned Beef  
  1039 24/20oz   1229 24/20oz   1714 24/11.5oz   1787 24/11.5oz   1787 24/15oz  
  Palm Corned Beef Small   Palm Corned Beef Big   Hokkaido Mackerel   Tome Sardines In Brine   Tome Sardines in Olive  
  1154 24/11.5oz   1683 24/15oz   1574 48/424g   1969 50/4.38oz   1721 50/4.38oz  
  Tome Sardines TS w/ Olive   Tome Sarines in Olive Oil
with Pickles
  Tome Sardines Spicy Olive   Tome Sardines w/ Olive Oil   Saba Mackerel  
  1725 50/4.38oz   1723 50/4.38oz   1722 50/4.38oz   1724 50/4.38oz   1976 48/425g  
  Saba Galunggong in Natural Oil   Saba Guinataang Tuling in Coco Cream   Saba Sardines Adobo Style   Saba Sardines Caldereta Style   Saba Squid in Brine  
  1161 48/425g   1459 48/155g   1471 48/155g   1672 48/155g   1449 48/155g  
  Saba Squid in Soy Sauce   Saba Squid in Soy Sauce w Chili   Saba Squid Sisig   Saba Mackerel in Oil   Saba Sardines-Mechado  
  1448 100/155g   1458 100/425g   1659 48/155g   5044 100/155g   1676 48/155g  
  Saba Sardines in TS Small   Saba Sardines in TS Big   Saba Sardines in TS Chili Small   Saba Sardines in TS Chili Big   Saba Sardines in TS Chili Big  
  1571 100/155g   1454 48/425g   1639 100/155g   1452 48/425g   1452 48/425g  
  Saba Squid Bopis   Saba Squid in Brine   Saba Squid in Brine Chili Big   Saba Fishtek-Fishtek In Soy Sauce      
  1660 48/155g   1589 24/425g   1338 48/425g   1327 48/200g