We Specialize in Philippine goods and carry most of the products that you need in your business with the most popular, quality oriented brands that the Far East produces.
  7D Mango Puree   Cool Choice Calamansi Fruit Drink   Cool Choice Green Tea   Cool Choice Guyamano Drink   Cool Choice Mango Drink  
  1168 12/1 Liter   1964 12/500ml   5003 12/500ml   5024 12/500ml   5025 12/500ml  
  C2 Green Tea Apple Flavor   C2 Green Tea Lemon Flavor   C2 Green Tea Peach Flavor   C2 Green Tea Regular Flavor   Gina Calamansi Juice Drink  
  1631 24/500ml   1653 24/500ml   1488 24/500ml   1654 24/500ml   1406 30/250ml  
  Gina Guyabano Juice Drink   Gina Mango Nectar Juice Drink   Gina Tropical Fruit Juice   Grass Jelly Drink   Pick & Squeeze Cal.  
  1405 30/240ml   1395 30/250ml   1201 30/8.5oz   1316 24/10.7oz   1378  12/750ml  
  Ludy's Salabat Powder   Ludy's Salabat Powder with Calamansi   Magnolia Lemonade Power
Fruit Drink Mix
  Magnolia Mango Iced Tea Powdered Fruit Drink Mix   Magnolia Orange Mango Fruit Drink Mix  
  1056 24/160g   1781 24/160g   1744 24/500g   1744(2) 24/500g   1734 24/500g  
  Magnolia Ponkan Powdered Fruit Drink Mix   Green Fields Coconut Juice   Kimbo Young Coconut Juice   Lipa Coconut Juice   Magnolia Chocolait Drinks  
  1733 24/500g   1666 24/17.5oz   1433 12/1 Liter   1872 24/17.5oz   5018 24x250ml  
  Magnolia Chocolait 1 Liter   Zesto Calamansi Soda   Zesto Dalandan Soda   Tang Mango Powder Drink   Nestle Milo  
  5052 12x1liter   1917 24/330ml   1967 24/330ml   1958 24/500gms   1510 24/8oz  
  Selecta Moo   Tang Orange Powder   Sarsi Drinks (Plastic)   Royal Tru Orange (Plastic)   Ludy's Ginger Juice w/ Kalamansi  
  5000  24/250ml   1960 24/500gms   1967 12/1.5 Liter   1251 24/500gms   5028 12/360g  
  Ludy's Ginger Juice w/ Lemon                  
  1784 12/12.7oz